Hello to all you fellow dog owners and lovers.

Welcome to my little section of the web all about my crazy dogs Lola and Loki. Lola is a year old, liver and white English Springer Spaniel. Shes the nutcase of the family.. shes hyper, loves mud, loves being wet, can be quite ignorant and stubbon (we are working on that) and most of all loves her cuddles.

Loki is the baby of the family as I type this hes 21 weeks old. He is A very handsome Black Labrador puppy with a big personality. Loki came into our lives so Lola would have some company other than her humans and he stole our hearts in an instant. Hes very obedient, smart, loving and playful.

We love our daily walks and our training sessions, which of course is brilliant considering both dogs breeds are bred for being working dogs. Follow our journey as they grow, learn, play and eventually have babies of their own (Springadores)

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We hope you enjoy our site

From Sophie (owner), Lola and Loki