About Me – Beyond My Dogs

Everyone who reads my dog post might want to know what goes on in the life of me… So this is my little spot on Pawsum Thoughts! Here you will find posts of my day to day life, my struggles with Anxiety and Depression, Mommy blog posts and so much more.

Lets Kick this off with a “Hi I’m Sophie! As well as being a dog momma I am also a very proud mother of 4 beautiful children (Johnathan 14, Sophie 11, Jaiden 7 and Lacey 4).

My life is beyond a little busy, as well as all the dog training, cooking cleaning and writing… I am also the proud owner of both my YouTube Channels Pawsum Thoughts and my more popular channel GamerGirl Blue where I live stream games with my kids, my friends and also solo. I am somewhat of a bookworm and a huge music fan. I always say I was born in the wrong era…. I am into 60, 70 and 80’s music mainly but also love my metal bands.

I am a huge Elton John fan and i am currently reading his autobiography Me. When reading it I have caught myself laughing out loud at certain parts and loudly gasping at others. Its hard to find a book that makes you do that so if reading is your thing, I suggest you give Elton’s Book a go.

I’m going to end this post here because lets face it… If I tell you all about me now… What will you learn about me later.

To the people reading this I hope you have an amazing day!!

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