New Friends – Why Dog Socialisation Is Important.

Socialising your dog at an early age is very important to their personality in adulthood. When socialising your dog your not only introducing them to other puppies, you need to try to introduce them to dogs and humans of all ages and sizes… Here is why. 

Dog socialisation is something every dog should do soon as they have all their puppy shots. There are many reasons to do this important step in their lives… Leaving it too late to socialise your dog can make things much harder later on.


By socialising your puppy to many different dogs will show your puppy not all dogs play the  same way. For instance… My English Springer spaniel Lola and my Labrador puppy like to rough play together but when meeting other dogs they must understand that they could hurt another dog by doing this or even get bitten. My Labrador recently met a happy go lucky little long haired jack Russel on the field the other day and a fearful shitzu… my very self assured puppy was running and pawing the Jack Russell and was gently sniffing at the fearful shitzu. A much different play than he has with hyper Lola.

Nipping And Snapping:

A dog can become fearful of other dogs and humans if not socialised which could result in a very reactive dog. Your dog could end up lunging at other dogs and humans out of fear of the unknown. No one wants a dog that will attack anything in its site this makes it a very dangerous dog and that is no life for the dog or owner. My English Springer Spaniel as a puppy couldn’t get onto the dog field due to it being closed off for repairs while she was small. Therefore didn’t get the proper socialising she needed at a young age. This made her not savage but nippy with other dogs as she was scared and sometimes just didn’t know how to play with other dogs. We ended up muzzling her when the dog field was open again and slowly introduced her to other dogs in that way… Warning the other owners of course that she’s not used to meeting other dogs. She gained her confidence slowly but is still a little unsure of other dogs while on leash. Thankfully we didn’t have to have the muzzle for long. 

Cowering And Nervousness:

Cowering is another problem of a dog who hasn’t been socialised with other humans and dogs. Seeing your dog hide from other humans and dogs is not a nice experience for yourself or your fury friend. 

These are all valid reasons for making sure your dog is properly socialised. Some people sadly get dogs on a whim without realising the training and responsibilities a dog brings therefore end up with untrained and aggressive dogs.. this is not the dogs fault it’s the owners. 

Thanks for reading!

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