Top 5 Dog Movies Of All Time

If you are a dog lover and movie lover then this post is for you! This post will give you the top 5 dog movies of all time that are guaranteed to give you the feels, make you cry, laugh and want to snuggle up to your furry friend.

I have always been a huge dog lover so it comes to no surprise that dog movies are a big hit with me. Dog movies tend to touch our hearts and souls from old Yeller to Beethoven So lets dive right in to the top 5 dog movies of all time.

One – Marley & Me (2008)

You must be dead inside to not get the feels from this movie. Starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson as a couple to adopt a Golden Labrador puppy named Marley. Watch as they fall in love with the not so obedient pup but get your tissues at the ready for it’s a roller coaster of emotions.

Two – Lady And The Tramp (1955)

This Disney classic is set to have a revamp but lets face it you cant beat the original. Every child, adult and senior would have seen this movie and loved it. Not to mention its amazing spaghetti scene that nearly didn’t make the cut.

Three – Beethoven (1992)

This movie takes me back to my childhood! Who could not love this naughty, lovable and huge St Bernard named Beethoven.

Four – Homeward Bound (1993)

The 90’s brought us some pretty amazing movies including this diamond. A family go on vacation without their 2 dogs and cat, they worry they have been abandoned and set out on an adventure to find their owners.

Five – 101 Dalmations (1996)

A live action remake of the 1961 classic of the same name. We all know how the story goes… Cruella De Vil wants a new coat fashioned out of Dalmatian puppy fur. The puppies wont go down without a fight and run from the evil woman.

So there you have it… Was your top dog movie on the list? let me know in the comments

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