Most Heroic Dogs Of TV And Movies

In the world of TV and movies there are many heroes… But not all heroes wear capes. here are a list of the most heroic dogs of tv and movies. who would you add to the list?

Dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds have been the stars of many movies and tv shows. Whats not to love about a movie where the furry faced pet is the hero. I have seen almost every movie involving dogs so i came up with this list of heroic dogs.

10 – Wishbone

Wishbone was a Jack Russell from the children’s TV show Wishbone. This dog time travelled, fought bad guys and saved many people from their terrible fate.

9 – Yeller

Still one of the saddest movies of all time in my opinion was Old Yeller. Yeller was a very loyal Labrador mix who saved his family in the old west from bears, wolves and more.

8 – Pongo And Perdita

Pong And Perdita went to great lengths to save their puppies in the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians. They faced the evil Cruella De Vil which in my opinion means they deserve a place in this list.

7 – Scooby Doo

Everyone Knows who Scooby Doo is! Even though Scooby never really wanted to be in these ghostly situations he always ended up catching the bad guys.

6 – Benji

Benji was the hero in the movie Benji by leading the FBI to some children who were kidnapped. He also saved an abused doggo friend from the kidnappers. All In all What A Good Boy!!!

5 – Mya And Max

These beautiful Husky dogs from the movie Eight Below. A team of dogs got left behind in the snow and although some dogs didn’t make it Mya and Max didnt give up on the pack.

4 – Shadow

Shadow the wise old Golden Retriever from the movie Homeward Bound became a hero when he helped a lost little girl find her family.

3 – Jerry Lee

Jerry lee is the crime fighting German Shepard police dog from the movie K9. He was not only a great crime fighter but was also a very loyal friend to his partner and human companion.

2 – Balto

Balto the movie was based on a true story of a heroic Husky dog who went out to bring home a pack of sled dogs lost in a snow storm. The sled dogs were carrying medicine for the town people of Nome who were sick with diphtheria. This makes him number 2 on my list.

1 – Lassie

It comes to no surprise that the very iconic dog hero Lassie got first place on my list. After all she saved Timmy from the well, saved her family from lions, barn fires and many more disasters.

That’s my list what would you change?

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