Introducing Stairs To Your Puppy

My Black Labrador puppy Loki was very fearful when it came to the stairs. I tried many different ways including… Treat luring, the wait it out game and giving over the top encouragement, but nothing seemed to work. He would just stand on the landing barking and looking confused. I found a way to finally help him overcome this fear.

When introducing stairs to your puppy don’t force them, shove them or scold them, doing so could cause your puppy to be more fearful and carry this fear into adulthood. The best way I found to help my puppy face the stairs was simple. I carried him up four steps to start with and sat him on my knee. When he started to relax a little I sat him beside me on the step. Your puppy may try to get back on your knee, allow him/her this  comfort for a few moments then sit your puppy next to you once again.

Next take a treat and put it on the step below (it helps to hive a high quality treat such as boiled chicken or turkey), if your puppy leans for the treat praise them and move down one step. continue this until you reach the bottom then try again. My puppy done this once and that was that. Do this a few times then move up to the middle stair following the exact same tactics, Then again from the top.

Soon enough your bundle of fluff will be facing the stairs like a pro. It took myself and Loki approximately 15 mins to get the hang of it but every pup is different.  Please be patient with your little pooch and remember the world can seem scary through their eyes at times.

I hope this helps you out!

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