Puppy/New Dog Checklist

Before bringing a puppy or new dog into your life there are some things you are going to need to buy and do. Please remember getting a new dog is not like buying some new shoes, you must prepare before bringing your new dog home. Here are some tips and checklists to help you out.

Getting a new puppy or dog can be an extremely exciting time but there is some important preparations that need to be done before introducing your puppy/dog to their new home.

What You Will Need To Buy..

A Dog Crate – A dog crate can be a very useful tool when it comes to training your new dog. No matter your new dogs age or size there is many options into buying the right crate for your dog. A crate offers a safe place for your puppy or dog to spend safe quiet time while you do your housework, run to the shops, go to work etc… Make sure when buying a crate you shop around for the right size for your dogs needs.

Puppy Pads – Puppy pads are an absorbent mat that gives your puppy or even new dog a place to go pee. I will write a post on house training and how to properly use puppy pads soon on my website so be sure to stay tuned for that. Puppy pads are not for long term use but are a great learning curve for your dog.

Collar and Lead – Collar and lead are essential but please note your dog should not venture outside on walks until they have had all required shots.

Blankets – Your new puppy or dog is going to want something comfortable to sleep on.

Bowls – Your dog is going to need something to eat out of of course. when it comes to bowls i would not recommend plastic ones especially for a puppy as they will only end up chewed.

Food – Talk to the breeder about what food they have been giving the puppy or dog so you can be sure to buy what they need. If you wish to change your dogs food please be sure to do it gradually by mixing new food with the food they are currently on to save an upset stomach.

Toys – Toys are a big must have in a dogs life, it gives them a fun outlet. Make sure you get age appropriate toys for your dog in case of choking hazards. There is a huge amount of options available, you are best getting a few different textures to keep your dog stimulated. Toys also reduce the chance of a dog chewing up your furniture.

Home Preparation…

Before you step through the door with your new furry friend you must be sure to have puppy/dog proofed your home. This keeps your puppy/dog safe and also your belongings.

Children – If you are a parent it is very important to explain to your children what they can and can’t do with or around the new dog.

Wires – Make sure all wires the dog can reach are appropriately tucked away to save any terrible accidents.

Garden – Your garden must be fully secured so your puppy/dog does not escape.

Safety Gate If you are in a property with stairs, it would be a wise option/idea to buy a safety gate to prevent the dog going upstairs when unattended.

Best way to puppy proof your home is to get down on all fours to your dogs level and see what they can possibly get their teeth on. this could be small toys under the sofas, wires you may have missed and so on.

I hope this post helped you, good luck with your new addition to the family!

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