Meet My Dogs

With Pawsum Thoughts Launch I thought it would be a good idea to introduce my reasons for this site.

Meet Lola My beautiful 1 year old English Springer Spaniel.

She is the whirlwind of the family…

If you drop anything, it’s hers. If you leave anything on the table, it’s hers. If it is soft and fluffy, it’s hers. I’m guessing by now you kind of get the idea. She can be very ignorant and very stubborn… We are however working on this. Despite all her flaws we love her dearly and what she lacks of in behaviours… she makes up for in love.

She adores children, especially her own little humans, she enjoys the rain and mud (not so good for a white dog) and will run rings around you at the park for hours.

Lola used to be very nervous with other dogs and quite nippy too so we decided it was time to get Lola a permanent friend so we set our sights on a Black Labrador puppy that we called Loki.

Bringing Loki Home

This is Loki a Fun, Loving and very obedient Black Labrador puppy. When we brought Loki home we placed a muzzle over Lola’s mouth as we introduced them. Lola was very confused by this little black ball of fluff following her around but not once did she growl, nip or show any aggression at all to him. after 15 mins we removed the muzzle.

When the muzzle came off Lola carried on investigating this little man that had come into her house. I watched very closely and it wasn’t long until she was bringing him toys (much to my surprise).

Loki ended up being Lola’s best-friend. I am still watchful of her with him but only because she plays like a tornado and hes still only 21 weeks old. I am happy to say Lola can now confidentially play with other dogs and does not nip anymore.

So that’s my dogs… feel free to tell me what dogs you own. I would love to hear all about them.

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